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Group Licensing Options

LessonPix provides bulk license options for school boards, private practices and more.Learn More

Scavenger Hunt

Create a Scavenger Hunt game with LessonPix to encourage early literacy in young children.Learn More

Building Community

The beginning of the year is a time for building a sense of community in the classroom. Here are a few theme ideas for building the classroom community.Learn More

Your Teachers and Therapists will Love LessonPix!

LessonPix provides online tools for creating visuals, "picture boards", worksheets and visual schedules. Plus, we provide access to over 11,000 pictures to use in your own projects!Learn More

Building a Collection of Pictures

Save a collection of pictures that you may reuse later.Learn More

5 Minute Snowman Games for SLPs

Go-To simple card draw games for use in small group speech/language therapy.Learn More

Pattern Strips

Pattern Strips allow you to use your selected pictures in a pattern. The page includes an AB, AAB, and AABB patterns.Learn More

Signup your group and Summer is on us!

Thinking about LessonPix for your group in August? Don't wait, because Summer's on Us!Learn More

Bingo Cards

We offer custom Bingo cards for your needs. Learn how to use them in the classroom for concepts, vocabulary, speech and language and math skills.Learn More

The Smart Alternative to Boardmaker® software

Your district or practice can save thousands and will truly love LessonPix, the smart alternative to Boardmaker® software.Learn More

Labeling the Classroom

Labeling a classroom helps expose children to a print-rich environment as well as provides organization so students know where everything belongs.Learn More

Live Webinar Training

LessonPix is offering FREE 1-hour webinar based training to explore all the various capabilities.Learn More

The Evolution of Printables

Are worksheets appropriate in an early childhood classroom? A look at the evolution and appropriatianess of worksheets.Learn More

Name Tags

Name Tags can be used for classroom management as well as for academic and therapy materials.Learn More

Pirate Day

"Talk Like a Pirate" Day fun activities for the classroom, speech therapy, and OT.Learn More

Menus and Lists

Menus and Lists are a material with a list of pictures from two to six pictures. There are a few themes to choose from such as diner, cupcake, and polk-a-dot.Learn More

Picture Schedules

There are many types of schedules that can be used for many different purposes. This article provides an explanation, ideas, and free sample of each type of schedule.Learn More

Begin to End

Teaching Beginning, Middle, and End: You can teach Sequencing, Phonics, Story Order and much more with these versatile Beginning/Middle/End CardsLearn More

The Art Center with Core Vocabulary

Here are Ideas to use core vocabulary within the art center.Learn More

Gingerbread Man Theme Ideas

Here are some ideas when using the story, The Gingerbread Man as a theme.Learn More

Picture and Words

"Picture and Word" cards can be used throughout the classroom in multiple activities and learning centers.Learn More

Snowman Theme Ideas

Learning About Winter- Check out some Snowman Theme Ideas.Learn More

Why Choose LessonPix?

Why Choose LessonPix? Check out the features that makes LessonPix the right tool for customized learning materials.Learn More

Translation Tool

Multi-Lingual materials made easily using our Translation Tool in LessonPix.Learn More

Martin Luther King Jr. Day Lesson Ideas

Lesson Ideas for Martin Luther King Day including Free Writing Sheet.Learn More

PediaStaff Chooses LessonPix

PediaStaff, a nationwide, niche-oriented staffing company focusing on the placement and staffing of pediatric therapists, today chose as its provider for online teaching materials, classroom and therapy visuals and symbol libraries.Learn More

Valentines Ideas with Core

Valentines Ideas for the classroom with a focus on Core Vocabulary.Learn More

Word Walls Made Easy

Word Walls are a commons tool used in many classrooms today. LessonPix has a Material called, "Picture and Word Cards" that allow you to create cards for the word wall.Learn More

5 TO-DOs for Back To School

There are 5 things that every teacher or SLP must do to prepare for back-to school; and LessonPix can make it easy and great!Learn More

Our Story

Here is the story of how LessonPix began and who the founders are.Learn More

Venn Diagram

Venn Diagram template works like a sorting mat to categorize items in one group, or another, or both.Learn More

Sorting Mats

Sorting mats can help children classify and organize small objects, pictures, or word cards.Learn More

Ask For Cards

"Ask For" Cards are visual cards used for reminders to ask. The cards show a child asking and then the result.Learn More

You have been logged out!

All about why you might have been logged out of your account.Learn More

LessonPix Terms and Conditions

Complete legal Terms and Conditions for the website.   Learn More

A Step Ahead: Beginning the Year with Proactive Discipline

Teachers need to begin every school year by examining the many facets of their classroom learning environment in order to take a proactive look in preventing discipline problems.Learn More

Literacy-Teaching about Characters

Students can use LessonPix materials to identify and learn about characters.Learn More

LessonPix Pricing and Benefits

LessonPix lets you create custom, high-quality classroom materials at a very low price. Learn about the benefits of membership and our low pricing.Learn More

Science Center

Ideas on how to create or enhance an Early Childhood Science Center.Learn More

Fine Motor Pratice with Lacing Cards

Lacing Cards are a favorite of both boys and girls in Early Childhood and are a great tool for Fine Motor practice at any age. Make them easily with LessonPix!Learn More

Visual Schedules

A visual schedule can help special education teachers prepare their students to be ready to learn.Learn More

My Friends Bingo

LessonPix allows members to upload their own photos and clip art easily to use in their materials.Learn More

Talking Core with Different Levels of Communicators

To plan for core instructions, we divide student populations of communicators into 3 categories: fluent, beginning, and emerging.Learn More

Center Time With Core

Center time is a rich learning time where children explore and practice. Here are ways to embed core in common learning centers.Learn More

Export a Picture

It is very easy to export a picture to use in other applications.Learn More

McDonalds® Happy Meal® Symbols

LessonPix now offers McDonalds® Happy Meal® SymbolsLearn More

SoundFinder-How to find words with specific sounds

It has never been easier to find words with specific sounds and great pictures to help you use them! This video shows how you can search by sounds using our unique SoundFinder.  Enter any word with the sounds you want and we'll find matches.Learn More

Using the LessonPix Office App

Now available! Access any LessonPix symbol directly from within Microsoft Word 2013!Learn More

Tab and Flap Cards

Tab and Flap Cards are visuals that can be placed on a ring and easily accessible at your finger tips. These are great for behavior support as well as curriculum content.Learn More

Coloring Sheets

Custom Coloring Sheets are a snap to create and provide many interesting classroom activities.Learn More

Scales and Ratings

The Scales/ Ratings template offers many styles where users can sequence their pictures along a continuum for self-evaluation or rating.Learn More

Adapted Board Games

Easy adaptations to customize popular board games for a variety of therapy targets.Learn More

LessonPix Show & Tell Webcast

Want to learn more tricks and tips from other LessonPix members? Each Monday evening at 7:00 PM ESTon Facebook Live, LessonPix hosts a Show & Tell webcast featuring some incredibly talented professionals.Learn More

Task Cards

Task Cards are a highly motivating tool that can be used across the curriculum. These cards that contain one thought, activity, or question per card.Learn More

Daily Report

Daily Report is a template that provides a form to write in reports, notes, or parent communication.Learn More

Lacing Cards

Lacing Cards are a favorite of both boys and girls in Early Childhood. They develop Visual Perceptual skills and provide wonderful Fine Motor practice.Learn More

Lesson Plan: The Mitten-Story Characters and Sequence

Lesson Plan for early childhood classrooms to teach characters, story sequence, and details from the story the Mitten. Learn More

Pronoun Patty

Pronoun Patty is one character who teaches various pronouns. Use patty to teach, practice, and play with different pronouns.Learn More