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Exporting a Picture


Our pictures can easily be exported and used in other programs such as word, powerpoint, e-mail, and smart notebook. Then you can manipulate the pictures to design the layouts you need, beyond our templates. Here is how:

  • Click on individual pictures for the image page. You can export the picture (look under the image) into jpg, png, pdf, or svg and save to your computer.
  • Also on the individual picture page,  just right click and "copy" and then paste into a word document, powerpoint, or smart notebook file.

It's that easy. As a LessonPix member, you can use the images. (Just remember you cannot distribute the images - see sharing policy)

LessonPix is about using tangible materials for learning and interacting in an inclusive environment. We want our members to create hands-on materials and be able to use the same pictures in other applications to correspond. For example, a teacher can insert the pictures in notebook software lesson for a full group activity and have the same pictures in front of individuals or for practice in a center.

Now the ideas of what you can create are limited by your creativity and time.