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Election Ballots


Election Ballots are a great tool for teaching about elections and voting for class consensus. The Ballots come in 3 styles: "Red, White, and Blue", "Blue Stars" and "Plain" (black /white- save ink).

There are many ideas for using a ballot. 

  • Use for mock elections in voting for president and teaching about a representative democracy.
  • Vote for favorite snack or treat (click image for free sample)

  • Vote for favorite activity earned for a fun Friday or as a reward.
  • Vote for a field trip or movie as a special event
  • Select choice for lunch (not as a ballot, but choice list)
  • Choose a center or preferred activity following the completion of a non-preferred activity.
  • Vote for how to carve a class pumpkin (click image for free sample)

So quick and easy to create your custom ballots. And... less time to make, more time to teach!