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Valentine's Day


Here are some Valentine's ideas for the classroom.

1. Candy Heart Graphs: Give each child a baggie or box of heart-shaped Vanetine candy. Have the students work together to sort and graph the candy by color. Combine data to make a class graph if desired. Lessonpix provides users the ability to make simple graphs of any items you choose.

Sample Candy Graph Sheet


2. Zoo Animals: Make animals using various sizes of paper hearts. For some great ideas for animals made from hearts, check out this book, My Heart Is Like A Zoo by Michael Hall.

3. Lacing Cards: Lacing cards are a great way to work on mainpulation and visual perceptual skills. Students can lace laminated hearts with feeling faces and talk about the various feelings. 
Heart Feelings Lacing Cards
4. Coloring Sheets: Coloring Sheets can be used in a variety of ways. Students can decorate a coloring sheet with textures, paint, stamps, crayons, markers, stickers, etc.
Cupid Coloring

5. Name Cards: Label mailboxes with child's name and picture to help in distributing Valentines. Making name cards is easy. Follow the tab at the top of the page that says , "Your LessonPix". On that page click on the link, "Manage your photos". The directions will show that you can e-mail photos from a smartphone, ipad, or computer or upload photos to the site. These photos are private and can only be seen by the account user. Once the students photos are uploaded, select the students you want to use to place in the tray. Click the yellow button, "Create Materials". Follow the wizard, choosing "Picture and Word Cards".