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Egg-celent Ideas for Spring!


Each spring, many classrooms dedicate a week to the theme of "eggs". In my personal practice, this unit is scheduled prior to learning about spring, insects, and dinosaurs. There are so many great ideas related to eggs. Here are just a few egg ideas.:

  • KWL: We start the week with a KWL. This teaching strategy begins by asking, "What do we KNOW about eggs?" and "What do we WANT to know about eggs?". At the end of the week, we write "What did we LEARN about eggs?"
  • Who Lays Eggs?: Read the book, Chickens aren't the Only Ones, by Ruth Heller. This is a great nonfiction book about the different animals that lay eggs. Beautiful illustrations show insects, fish, spiders, reptiles, and more. 


  • Egg-Speriments: a. Spin a hard-boiled egg and a raw egg. Observe and compare. b. Place a raw egg in a cup of vinegar and observe over several days. c. Make predictions- does an egg sink or float? For more egg experiements, check out:

  • Humpty Dumpty Experiment: How can we stop an egg from cracking when it falls? Students generate solutions such as land on a pillow, land on a trampoline, make a protective suit, etc. Test their ideas.

  • Matching sounds: Place an item in 2 plastic eggs to make matching shakers. Two eggs may have beans, two with screws, and two with rice. Students shake eggs and find the matching sounds. Great for auditory discrimination.
  • Cultural Traditions: Discuss traditions including dying eggs. We read the book Rechenka's Eggs by Patricia Polacco. 

  • Art: Dye hard-boiled eggs.  ​

  • Memory Game: Play Memory game using picture cards of eggs. Here is a free sample. Just print 2 copies, cut, and place face down to find matching pairs.

  • Matching Go-Together Game: Place go-together pictures inside a pair of eggs. For example, two pictures may be rhyming words, same beginning sound, or related items (shoe/socks, candle/cake, etc). Have students open eggs and look for pictures inside that go together.

  • Match Egg Patterns. Use plastic eggs and make an egg that matches a picture card. For example a pink top and yellow bottom. Free Sample Picture Cards. Great for a task box or learning center. 


  • Graphing Favorite Eggs: "What is your favorite type of egg?" - Scrambled, Fried, or Hard Boiled. Taste and graph

  • Tasting: Read Green Eggs and Ham by Dr. Seuss. Make and taste green eggs and ham.

  • Art: Cut out and decorate paper eggs. 

  • Art Paper Mache Eggs: dip strips of newspaper in a solution of flour and water. Cover a balloon. Let dry overnight. Decorate with paint or tissue paper.
  • Egg-themed Articulation words: Put artic words on eggs to practice. 


  • Egg Hunt Story: Write a social narrative to prepare for an egg hunt. 


  • Egg Stories: Write your owm egg story


  • More Egg Ideas 


  • Egg Hunt!