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Hanukkah-Themed Learning

Looking for Hanukkah-Themed ideas? Here are just a few ready-to-print activities. Have fun learning together!

Using holiday themes makes learning motivating and fun. Children become very excited to share holiday experiences using their language (verbal, gestures, AAC, etc.).  Here are soLet's get started with fun Hanukkah-themed activities. 

Hanukkah Vocabulary: Review Hanukkah-themed vocabulary. Find these items in books abour Hanukkah or use in writing.  

Puzzle Matching: Visual discrimination skill. Match pictures that are "The Same" while using Hanukkah vocabulary. 

Memory Matching: Match pictures that are "The Same" as you work on skills that target memory, attantion, and visual discimination.

Find the Hanukkah Pictures: Students use skills in scanning and visual discrimination to find Hanukkah-themed vocabulary. 

Menorah Labels: These Picture and word templates provide visuals that correspond candles to each day of Hanukkah. Post on each day of Hanukkah. When counting the lit candles, make note of the shamash (nineth candle or "helper") that is used to light a candle each day. 

Menorah Puzzle: Match the candle to the day with these puzzle cards that target number recognition and one-to-one correspondence. 

Haukkah Match: Students can draw a line to match two pictures that are "the same" while working on writing, scanning, and visual discrimination. 

Hanukkah Bingo: Work on auditory listening, receptive language, scanning, vocabulary, and social skills while having fun playing Bingo. (6 cards)