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Christmas Activity Ideas for Kids

Christmas is such a fun and motivating theme to use in teaching lessons. Christmas icons can be used to teach concepts, history and rich vocabulary.

There are many great ideas to Celebrate Christmas and the holiday season. LessonPix has great pictures to use for coloring sheets, bingo games, lacing cards, and picture cards. Here are a few Christmas Activities for kids to help spice up learning and have fun. 


Song Books

Every year my class performs Christmas and Hanukkah songs for parents and families. To help my young students (especially my students with special needs), I create song books with pictures of the words to the songs. These books are usually 1/2 page picture that I can flip through while singing / listening to the song. I do these books for songs like Rudolph the Red-Nose Reindeer, Up On The Housetop, and Santa Claus Is Coming To Town. In teaching Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer, song cards really help - since there is no chorus. 

For a variation, I use Lessonpix coloring sheets to make the song books. The children color the pictures to be placed in the song book. 



Song Cards

There are so many fun songs to sing at Christmas time. I create picture cards in lessonpix using pictures that represent favorite songs: a snowman for "Frosty", reindeer for "Rudolph", Santa for "Santa Claus Is Coming To Town", and bells for "Jingle Bells". Since we do not have time to sing every song, each day children are called to select their favorite song from a display of song cards. They sequence the cards in "first" "second" and "third" and we sing the songs. This technique teaches turn taking, ordinal numbers, and sequencing.

Click here for Sample Christmas Song Cards



Christmas comes with excellent opportunities for vocabulary development. Lower level vocabulary words are simple words with typically one meaning and concrete. Christmas words may include "gift", "candy cane", "jingle", and "reindeer". Higher level vocabulary words are more abstract words. These Christmas words may include "festive", "tradition", "nativity" and "charity".

I use Lessonpix to create word wall words with both low level words for my students with more severe delays and high level words for my students who are at an advanced language level. All children benefit from both whether remedial or exposure.

Talk as you design your Ugly Christmas Sweater. 

Here are parodies of Brown Bear Brown Bear by Bill Martin Jr using Christmas vocabulary.



Christmas Bingo

Bingo games can teach simple vocabulary and is a fun game any time of year. Here is one sample of a Bingo game you can create at LessonPix.

Click here for a Sample Christmas Bingo by


Speech / Articulation

Speech Time using Christmas Themed templates: 



Academic Concepts





Coloring / Writing Activities



And More...



Here are many more ideas for Christmas and other holiday activities in the Sharing Center. Enjoy!!