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Dinosaur-Themed Learning Fun

LessonPix offers several dinosaur-themed templates that can help make your lessons more motivating and fun. Create behavior charts, visuals schedules, or visual supports using dinosaurs to motivate. 

Here are a few of the templates from the Sharing Center that Lessonpix has to offer: 


Visual Schedule

For the student who loves dinosaurs, why not create a dinosaur schedule to help plan and organize their day. You can also use this template to sequence story events, as an activity choice board, or visul remiders for learning / sensory strategies. 



Game Boards

Game boards are a fun way to to teach vocabulary, articulation, curriculum concepts, or social skills. 


Bingo Dauber

Bingo Dauber templates show your symbols in circles on a themed page. Students can use markers, playdough, pennies, bingo daubers, and wikisticks (to name a few ideas) to mark symbols. 



Themed Picture Cards

Themed Picture Cards place your symbols on top of a themed image such as hay or barn. These make great bulletin board displays of vocabulary or thtemed memory game. Here are some fun dinosaur themed templates: 



Artic Trials Template

Artic Trials track data or repetitons. Students can self monitor by marking each time they do a task. 


Themed Mats

Themed mats show 1-10 symbols on top of a larger picture. There are 2 styles of this dinosaur template. This template comes in color or black and white outline. 



Dinosaur Themes in Other Templates

LessonPix has hundreds of generic templates to use with your dinosaur themed pictures. Just search the Sharing Center for "dinosaur" for more activities. 



Have fun learning and playing together!