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Snowman Theme Ideas

January is a great time for Winter Theme Ideas in the classroom. Now my classroom is in Florida, a subtropical region with no snow or significant changes in seasons. The concept of Winter is novel, unfamiliar, and fun. I would imagine that a winter theme in northern regions could be far less exciting. 


Snowman Themed Templates

LessonPix has Snowman-themed templates for all your snowman needs. Here are a few: Themed mats, bingo dauber, Game Board, Themed Picture Cards, Find the Picture, and Artic Trials. 



Snowman Vocabulary

This fun theme provides a motivating topic for language and vocabulary usage. Here are some visuals to support Snowman vocabulary and communication.



Snowman Rhymes

There are many snowman rhymes great for attention, memory, and early literacy. Check out 5 Little Snowmen made by JoDana Hartwick: 

5 little snowmen all in a row.

5 little snowmen all made of snow.

Out popped the sun and it shone all day.

One Little Snowman melted away.

Continue the rhyme the same counting down until you get to the last snowman  and for the last snowman I say "One little snowman standing all alone." instead of standing in a row.


Here are additional snowman rhymes and stories in the Sharing Center: 



Snowman Sequencing

Building a snowman or a snowman melting both show a visual sequence timeline. Students can discuss, plan or sequence the life of a snowman using these fun visual activities. 



Snow Paintings

Have the students color a scene on a piece of construction paper. In a paper bowl, mix 1/2 white glue and 1/2 shaving cream. Give the students paint brushes and model globing the glue on the paper to make a snow scene. The gluey shaving cream will need about a day to dry. The pictures should turn out with a very neat , fluffy, 3-D effect.  I will sometimes provide cut-out, LessonPix pictures of snowmen, polar bear, winter tree, or a house to decorate with "snow".



Shape Snowman

Put out 3 sizes of white circles, black squares and long rectangles (hat pieces), colored circles (buttons work well), and brown rectangles (arms). Students can name and use these various shapes to create their own snowman.

Use this dice to determine what to put on your snowman next. 


Snowman Feelings Book

Using LessonPix color sheets of various feelings snowmen, have students color pages to make a class book. Staple the pages together along with a cover. "Read" the book aloud, having the students role-play like the feeling on each page.

Snowman Coloring Sheets

Free Sample- Snowman Coloring Sheets

Here are more Snowman feelings activities: 



Snowman Stories

Give each student 2 or 3 picture cards of snowmen.  Have the students tell, write, or draw about what happened that made their snowman change his feelings from one to the other. For example, one student may have a picture of a sad snowman and a sleepy snowman. He could tell about how the snowman was sad because he did not want to go to bed. But then, his mom read him a bedtime story and he fell asleep.  

You may also write your own snowman stories. These stories may focus on simple vocabulary, sequencing, or feelings. 

Here is a sample Book in the Sharing Center



Snowman Game in Group Therapy

This is a generic snowman themed game you can use for artic or language groups. Make several copies of the sheet depending on the size of your groups. Once the child has completed their speech or language activity turn, they reach in an envelope or container and pull out one card.  Decide ahead of time, if the melted snowman should result in one snowman being put back or all of your snowmen.  The winner has the most snowmen at the end of the session.  For a variation, you can write numbers on the snowmen and the kids can add up their score at the end.


Snowball Toss

Give each student one sheet of newpaper and have them crumple the paper using only one hand. This task promotes fine muscle development and motor planning. Repeat having the students use the other hand. Once they have their snowball, you can create a fun game: toss through a hoola hoop, shoot into a basket, or divide students into 2 teams and toss across to the other team.


Snowman Math & Counting

This motivating theme can be used to teach early curriculum skills. 



Build a Snowman

Class Snowman: Fill 2 white trash bags with crumpled newspaper. Make one bag smaller than the other and place on top. Draw a face with a permanent marker and add a hat and scarf. The class can name the snowman and write a class story about the snowman.



Snowman Matching

Target visual perceptual skills by matching same snowmen. 



Remote Learning Snowmen

Looking for activities to make for remote learning? Play with our Lessonpix PlayTools or PowerPoint Application


Sensory Table

In my sensory table, I place white packing peanuts and shaving cream for the students to build a snowman. I hide little penguin finger puppets and small winter animal figures in the "snow" for the students to discover.

Being in Florida, most of my students have never seen snow. I make snow (using my Margarita Blender or a snow cone machine) to fill one of my water tables. I also place in it small black beans, little scarves and hats (Barbie or small doll clothing), and small sticks for the students to use in making a snowman. I also place mittens, plastic spoons, and measuring cups nearby for the children to use.


Snowman Children's Books

Here are some favorite children's books about snowmen. Use LessonPix to create sample pictures for retelling, questioning, and comprehension clues.  

The Snowy Day - Ezra Jack Keats

Snowmen at Night - Caralyn & Mark Buehner

The Biggest Snowmen Ever - Steven Kroll

The Biggest Best Snowman - Margerie Cuyler

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