For OTs PTs and SLPs

LessonPix supports therapists both in and out of the classroom setting. With a single LessonPix account you can get:

  • Visual Schedules
  • Picture Cards for Labeling and Daily Living
  • Language tools to target specific articulation issues
  • Plus over 7000 therapy-appropriate pictures to use in your own Social Stories, etc.

We are proud to provide a powerful tool for occupational and physical therapists, as well as SLPs around the world.

Fine Motor Pratice with Lacing Cards

Lacing Cards are a favorite of both boys and girls in Early Childhood and are a great tool for Fine Motor practice at any age. Make them easily with LessonPix!Learn More

Memory Games in Therapy Sessions

Therapists can create a custom Memory Game to use for therapy sessions or home practice.Learn More