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The dial template has up to 10 pictures on a circle, with a cover sheet to mask all but one picture.Learn More

There Was An Old Lady Who Swallowed A Rose by Lucille Colandro

Lucille Colandro's ever famous Old Lady Stories engage young readers with rhythm, rhyme, imagery, and fun. This article provides visuals and activities for Valentine's Day based on this "Rose" version.Learn More

Word Families

Word Families are a group of words that have a common group of letters with the same sound. Playing with word families help build phonemic awareness and decoding skills for reading.Learn More

101+ LessonPix Templates

What Templates does LessonPix offer? For only $36 per year, LessonPix provides more than a hundred types of templates with even more styles to add. Check out this amazing list for ideas to customize and use.Learn More

The Mitten by Jan Brett

Create visual lessons to support the book, "The Mitten" retold and stunningly illustrated by Jan Brett.Learn More

The Snowy Day by Ezra Jack Keats

This winter story follows young Peter as he plays and explores snowy day activities.Learn More

Visual Schedules

A visual schedule can help special education teachers prepare their students to be ready to learn.Learn More

Supporting Sensory Processing Skills

Providing a range of sensory opportunities that can be sensory alerting and/or calming helps individuals regulate the information coming in through their senses. This article takes a look at how LessonPix can help.Learn More