Building a Collection of Pictures

Save a collection of pictures that you may reuse later.

Change an Image Title

Users can easily change the title of an image for a material.

Check out the Sharing Center!

Our new Sharing Center makes it easy to share your great ideas and learn from other users!

Edit a Material

Whether its a material you made or one from the sharing center, you can modify a material.

Export a Picture

It is very easy to export a picture to use in other applications.

Finding Minimal Pairs the Easy Way

Our new Minimal Pairs tool makes it simple to find words that only differ by one sound!

Finding Multi-Syllable Words

Find words with specific number of syllables to use in articulation activities.

Free Samples in the Sharing Center

Check out some free materials (with no watermark) in our Sharing Center.

Getting Started Video

A short video walking you through using the Tray to create Bingo Cards.

Gift Certificates

Gift Certificates are a great way to give the gift of LessonPix to friends and family.

How does LessonPix work?

LessonPix is very easy. Try it out today. 1- Select the Pictures, 2 Choose the Materials you want to make, and 3 Print.

LessonPix Clip Art: Keeping Symbols Simple

LessonPix clip art library includes over 35,000 vector symbols, intentionally drawn to be simples, with minimal backgrounds, and represent a single-meaning. They can be used for language, curriculum, social skills, and daily living purposes.

LessonPix Sharing Center

The Sharing Center is a place where members can both share their materials as well as find ready-made materials.

LessonPix Show & Tell Webcast

Want to learn more tricks and tips from other LessonPix members? Each Monday evening at 7:00 PM ESTon Facebook Live, LessonPix hosts a Show & Tell webcast featuring some incredibly talented professionals.

Live Webinar Training

LessonPix is offering FREE 1-hour webinar based training to explore all the various capabilities.

Making Text as Symbols

There are times when our members need words in place of the picture symbols. LessonPix offers 2 ways to create text as symbols to use in templates: Symbol Builder and Add Text Symbols.

Restricted Pictures

LessonPix now offers a restricted section including mature pictures appropriate for use in instructional settings where images are difficult to find.

Search Tools at LessonPix

There are great search tools to find the pictures you need at LessonPix.

SoundFinder-How to find words with specific sounds

It has never been easier to find words with specific sounds and great pictures to help you use them! This video shows how you can search by sounds using our unique SoundFinder.  Enter any word with the sounds you want and we'll find matches.

Translation Tool

Multi-Lingual materials made easily using our Translation Tool in LessonPix.

Unity Symbols

LessonPix has Unity Symbols included in your membership. Unity Symbols are symbols used in Unity Language System for AAC and are the foundation for LAMP Words For Life and CoreScanner.

Upload your own photos to LessonPix

Upload your own photos for use in our Materials. Quick and Easy!

Using Blanks

Search for "Blank" picture as a place card holder or print a blank material.

Why Choose LessonPix?

Why Choose LessonPix? Check out the features that makes LessonPix the right tool for customized learning materials.