Today's Featured Articles

Finding Minimal Pairs the Easy Way

Our new Minimal Pairs tool makes it simple to find words that only differ by one sound!

Live Webinar Training

LessonPix is offering FREE 1-hour webinar based training to explore all the various capabilities.

Make LessonPix Mobile an Icon

If you are using an iPhone, you can make your LessonPix Mobile site an icon. Here's how...

Picture Cards for Communication

Create standard-sized Picture Cards for communication using systems such as the Picture Exchange Communication System™ or PECS™.  We offer a variety of sizes to meet your needs.

Group Licensing Options

LessonPix provides bulk license options for school districts, private practices and more.

Soundable: a great new sound-based word game!

LessonPix and Tactus Therapy Solutions have teamed up to bring SLPs a great IPA-based word game: Soundable!

2019 Cariboo Giveaway

Win a Cranium Cariboo at ASHA 2019 in Orlando! Stop by Booth 1361 to learn more.

Learning with Animals

We love animals! This article shares fun activities to learn to read, write, and spell using simple 3 and 4 letter animals names. Ideas for learning centers and playing with sounds.

How to modify a Material

Learn how to create new materials based on existing ones.

Gift Certificates

Gift Certificates are a great way to give the gift of LessonPix to friends and family.

Combine pictures with our new Symbol Builder

The Symbol Builder lets you combine pictures to create your own unique symbols, put more than one picture in a cell in our templates and so much more.

AAC Template Overlays

Mid-tech AAC devices use overlays to create voiced buttons for communication. LessonPix has great tools to create overlays for your needs.

Upload your own photos to LessonPix

Upload your own photos for use in our Materials. Quick and Easy!

LessonPix University Outreach Program

Your University students can now access LessonPix for Free!