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Masks On

Adding a masks to characters is easy using the Symbol Builder. Check the bottom of this article for examples of materials of masks and social distancing from the Sharing Center.

Here is a clip of our "What's new video to show how to add masks to people. 

Here's how: 

  1. Click the Symbol Builder link in the grey menu bar.
  2. Search for your person (ie: girl, boy, teacher, chef) and drag to the drawing area. Then search for "mask", add a mask, and resize to fit.
  3. Click the "stretch" button to resize vertical and horizontal separately for a better fit.
  4. After you click, "Create Symbol", you may choose to recolor using the coloring tool on the next page. 


Check it out -  there are many new materials in the Sharing Center to teach about wearing masks and social distancing. 


  • Social Story: "School will be different this year"

  • Ready for class checklist with new masks, handwashing, and social distance practices. 

  • Visual for classroom door

  • 5 Little Monkeys with masks picture cards