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Flash End-of-Life: LessonPix Will Be Fine.

We've been getting lots of questions about whether LessonPix will be impacted when Flash goes away... thankfully, we won't!  LessonPix doesn't use Flash (or Silverlight or any other plugins) and will be fine. 

Flash is a tool for creating online interactive tools and games. Over time, this technology has become difficult to support and exploited for security. therefore, in 2017 Adobe announced it will end-of life Flash by December 2020. As a result, all major browsers developed plans for phasing out Flash. And, everything you know in LessonPix will be fine - no worries!

In this video, we explain what all the fuss is about and what to expect over the next year as Adobe kills off Flash.

Adobe's Announcement:

Google's Chrome Announcement:

Microsoft's Timeline:

Learn more about the history of Flash: