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Oldsmar, FL (August 8, 2012), online provider of classroom and therapy visual supports, has now added an initial collection of Restricted Images--symbols of mature subjects that are instructionally appropriate.  New security constraints have been added to ensure that these pictures are never accessible by accident and that teachers can feel comfortable leaving up and running on their school computers.

"As LessonPix has evolved, we've seen an increased demand for more mature symbols," explains Bill Binko, CIO of LessonPix.  "Our users now include many special needs teachers and therapists who work with an older population--middle school, geriatrics and the like.  They need detailed pictures of very sensitive subjects: and the number of safe, professional sources of those symbols is very low."

The new symbols cover the most requested sensitive subjects: reproductive anatomy, puberty issues, hygiene and toileting pictures.  New pictures will be added as users begin using the collection and make requests. 

"We have tried to walk a line and provide just what our users are requesting and we're going to stick with that plan," explains Binko.  "It is difficult to tell when a picture is truly needed and when it crosses into being inappropriate or lewd.  Our rule of thumb so far has been that if a professional or parent needs visuals to help with a special needs situation, that's why we're here and we can we can draw a picture of it.  Will there be exceptions to that? Sure, but that's where we're starting."

Historically, this type of symbol set was only available via desktop board making software as an add-on library.  However, this new Restricted Images category is included in the base LessonPix libary and works with all of their materials and templates from Visual Schedules and First/Then Boards to basic Picture Cards,  

The new security options allow users to always show the restricted pictures, never show them (even if searched for), and ask every time (the default).  The default option shows a "Restricted" icon where the actual picture would be, but shows the name of the picture as well as a discription.  Visitors to the site who are not registered only see this default option: they can see the list of titles and descriptions, but cannot preview the symbols (as they can with the rest of the LessonPix library).

The LessonPix CIO adds that they're proud to provide safe, appropriate access to these symbols: "Visuals are a huge help in all forms of communication: especially with people with special needs . Why wouldn't we use them in our most difficult discussions?"


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Founded in 2009, LessonPix provides online visuals and materials for teachers, parents, therapists and speech-language pathologist (SLPs) with an ever-growing library of original high-quality scalable artwork (currently over 30,000 symbols) and powerful tools to leverage them in the classroom and home.  Their unique SoundFinder and its related tools provide SLPs with the ability to easily "Search by Sounds not Letters" and make games, materials, and now AAC overlays and labels to support their therapy goals.

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