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Oldsmar, FL (April 27, 2012), online provider of classroom and therapy visuals, has partnered with the Attainment Company, makers and distributors of a wide variety of assistive technology tools to provide custom overlays for their popular GoTalk® line of speech generating devices.  This arrangement will allow over 30,000 symbols from library to be used in all GoTalk® devices.

"We're thrilled to be adding the popular GoTalk® line to our AAC device templates," explained Bill Binko, COO of LessonPix, Inc.  "They are by far the most cost-effective option for many people with challenges communicating and we're so happy to be able to help give them a voice.  
If they're also using our other materials like visual schedules or Bingo games, the symbols can now match what's on their GoTalk® -- that's a very exciting option, and one that lets them participate seamlessly during the activity."

The addition of the overlays allows subscribers to create overlays that fit perfectly into the GoTalk® devices using the site's existing wizard mechanism.  Once the specific model and options are chosen, a PDF is generated that can be printed and cut to fit.  The new options are being made available with no additional charge beyond the basic LessonPix annual subscription which costs $36 per individual. is now another resource for creating overlays for the GoTalk®--something Attainment sees as a very positive development.  "Our goal with the GoTalk® is to give a voice to those who have none.  The more options our users have for customizing their devices, the more valuable that device becomes," said Autumn Mueller-Garza, the Account Manager at Attainment who led the LessonPix partnership.  "It’s been great working with LessonPix, and this adds a very affordable option that works well for creating GoTalk templates or with the rest of the materials LessonPix provides."

Both companies expect that the partnership will extend to other Attainment product offerings in the near future.  "Attainment has created such a complete offering with the GoTalk® line," added Binko, "It's taken some real effort to cover the entire line with their new GoTalk® Express 32, and some extensive testing on the part of both companies.  I'm very proud that we've been able to add this powerful new option without increasing our cost to the user, and I look forward to working with them again as we expand our AAC offerings"

About Attainment Company, Inc.

Attainment Company is an independent, family-owned business based in Verona, Wisconsin USA. Since 1979, Attainment Company has been dedicated to helping people with developmental disabilities succeed at school, work and life.  Over the years, Attainment’s product line has expanded from work task activities to include research-based curricula, software, video, and a full line of AAC devices.

About LessonPix, Inc.

Founded in 2009, LessonPix provides online visuals and materials for teachers, parents, therapists and speech-language pathologist (SLPs) with an ever-growing library of original high-quality scalable artwork (currently over 30,000 symbols) and powerful tools to leverage them in the classroom and home.  Their unique SoundFinder and its related tools provide SLPs with the ability to easily "Search by Sounds not Letters"
and make games, materials, and now AAC overlays and labels to support their therapy goals.

For More Information Contact:

Autumn Mueller-Garza, Account Manager, Attainment Company  (800) 327-4269
Bill Binko, COO LessonPix, Inc. (727) 437-2465