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Rubber Duck Theme

"Rubber Ducky, you're the one. You make bathtime lots of fun. Rubber Ducky I'm awfully fond of you!" - Ernie from Sesame Street

Did you know that the US celebrates National Rubber Ducky Day each year on January 13? These popular little toys bring smiles and fun whereever they go! LessonPix has rubber ducky pictures and templates to boost the fun of learning and make visuals cheery. Check the Rubber Ducky Feelings or the Rubber Duck Toys Symbols. 


Check out these fun ideas and materials from the LessonPix  Sharing Center


1. Storytime

Read Eric Carle's "10 Little Rubber Ducks". (youtube video)


Other duck stories include: 


2. Sculpture and Art

Check out the Dutch artist Florentijn Hofman's collection of large ducks which can be seen in Amsterdam, Sydney, Hong Kong, and other cities around the world. Video Hofman makes the ducks out of PVC, and the largest creation is 85 feet wide, 65 feet long, and 105 feet high.

Can you make a duck sculture? Try using model magic or paper mache!

Try painting using rubber ducks. For younger students, place paint and hair gel inside 2 gallon ziplock and tape to table. Use ducks to muve paint around for a mess free painting experience. 



3. Duck Races

Every year, Nationwide Children’s Hospital in Columbus, OH hosts a race of the duckies to support research for the hospital. The top three ducks earn big prizes! there are duck races all around the world! Video

Make your own duck race. Use a stream or better yet build one! Ducks can race on water, skateboards, ramps, and in your hand!

For a simple race - roll the color duck dice 10 times. Graph each result and see which color duck wins. ( Can also use with Play Tools.)



4. Ducky Phonics

There are many fun rhyming duck fingerplays such a "6 Little Ducks that I once knew..." and "5 Little Ducks went out one day..."

Check out these duck rhyming activities. 



5. Ducky Math

Rubber Duckies make great manipulatives! 



6. Rubber Ducky Feelings

Talk about feelings as you play with these expressive ducks. Look and role play body positions and facial expressions that match each feeling. 


7. Ducky Games

There are a number of ducky games to play. For young children check out, Lucky Ducks - a fun game for memory matching.  

Or play Duck Duck Goose! For students who need communciation support, create visual of duck and goose for students to point as they pat heads. 

Here is a better version of the old card game, "Old Maid" using duck feelings and one goose!


More Rubber Ducky Learning Activities and Visuals