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Boho Rainbow Themed Template

Boho Rainbow is a rainbow shape that is made of differing colors and lines, usually in a muted pastel palette. Boho is short for Bohemian and often an ecclectic mix of squiggles, dots, and shapes in an arch formation. 

LessonPix offers several templates using the Boho Rainbow theme. 


Bingo Dauber

The bingo dauber shows 5, 10, 15, or 20 symbols in circles on a page. Students may mark examples and non examples or practice vocabulary words. Use a bingo marker, crayons, or smash playdough on the symbols. 


Themed Picture Cards

This template shows 6 different rainbos with one symbol at the bottom of each rainbow. 


Picture Schedule

Picture schedules show visual expectations of time and/or tasks. Boho Rainbow style includes numbering and uses calming pastel colors. 


Themed Mats

Themed Mats show one bold rainbow with symbols in an arch formation within the rainbow. 


Artic Trials

Artic Trials hold 10, 25, 50, or 100 repeating symbols per page. SLPs often make pages for students to mark as they practice particular articulation words. Teachers may use as a data sheet for behaviors or reward systems. 



I Have, Who Has

I Have who has is a fun group game. Each student takes a card (or 2). Each student reads their card and listens for their turn to read.  Game ends when the question returns to the first student. 


Themed Pairs

This template is great for matching 2 things together: beginning letter sounds, go-togethers, pictures of student partners, time and place, or rhymes. 



Calendars help organze time for students, such as therapy days, extra curricular, or special events. 


Enjoy the rainbows and have fun learning together!