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Farm Theme Templates and Activities

Old MAcDonald Had a Farm... E-I-E-I-O!!

Adorable farm animals and cool-looking farm equipment motivate young learners - It's no wonder that the farm theme is a beloved and motivating topic for young children. Simple animal sounds are easy for babies amd toddlers to imitate. Petting farms and zoos allows hands-on experiences with tame farm animals. Bright colors and sunny images attract eyes and engage for learning concepts.

We love the farm! Use this motovating theme to teach concepts of same and different, sorting, number sense, colors, and more!

Check out some of the LessonPix Farm-themed templates: 


Themed Mats

Themed mats show a large picture with smaller pictures on it. You can place vocabulary, articulation words, or student photos in a barn. Here are examples from the Sharing Center: 



Bingo Dauber

The Bingo Dauber Template provides symbols in circles to stamp with a bingo dauber, color with markers, smash playdough, or mark with wikisticks. Great for marking examples and non-examples or practicing articulation words. 



Menus and Lists

Menus and Lists template provides 1-10 symbols in a sequence. Great for sequencing tasks, materials, story details, or song verses. This template also makes a great choice board or use to mark for a scavenger hunt!



Themed Pairs

This tempalte matches two items. Great for matching games such as rhyming words or things that go together. Use with student photos to make collborative pairs.  



Themed Picture Cards

Themed Picture Cards place your symbols on top of a themed image such as hay or barn. These make great bulletin board displays of vocabulary or themed memory game. Here are some fun farm themed templates: 



Find The Picture

Find the Picture template hides your picture within a larger picture. This template makes learning fun while promting visual scanning and processing and language.



Game Boards

Use your story vocabulary, student photos, or curriculum content to create a fun farm game board. 


Farm Themes in Other Templates

LessonPix has hundreds of generic templates to use with your farm themed pictures. Just search the Sharing Center for "Farm" or "Barn" for more activities. 



Check out these farm-themed story materials and activities: 

Apple Farmer Annie by Monica Wellington


Turkey Trouble by Wendi Silvano


The Very Busy Spider by Eric Carle


Chickens Aren't The Only Ones by Ruth Heller


Have fun leaning and playing together!