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Menus and Lists

Menus and Lists are a material with a list of pictures from one to ten pictures. There are a few themes to choose from such as diner, cupcake, and polk-a-dot.

This list format can be used in a variety of activities. Here are just a few ideas:

  • Tasks: You may create a list of tasks to perform
  • Choices: You may offer a list of choices
  • Supplies: You may post or share a list of supplies
  • People: You may make a list of faces and names in a group such as speech group, learning center, or reading group
  • Centers: You may display a list of Learning Centers
  • Dramatic Play (Restaurant): You may create a menu for role playing a restaurant or cupcake store.
  • Vocabulary: You may display the new vocabulary terms for the week.
  • Rules: You may post specific rules for an area or time of day
  • Rewards: you may display a list of possible rewards
  • Consequences: You may display a list of possible consequences.

There are several themes to choose from when you create a "Menu and Lists" item. Here is the Owl Theme:


Below are two more themes. Click on these for free samples.

Click Here for this free sample of the Art Supplies.

Click Here for a free sample of a menu.