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Calendar Cards

Teachers or parents who use a classroom wall calendar with young children can create calendar cards with the date and a picture in a pattern. For example, a teacher may select pictures related to holidays in the month such as pumpkins and ghosts. That teacher may want an AB pattern and choose chooses a pumpkin and ghost. The wizard will repeat the two pictures making an AB pattern: 1 pumpkin, 2 ghost, 3 pumpkin, 4 ghost.

If three items are in the tray, the wizard will create an ABC pattern with those pictures. You customize your calendar cards to repeat the pictures in your tray and add a little extra fun to your calendar time. 

Guess the community helper      

Use photos to create calendar cards of students and staff. Each day, pull out the day's card and see if the students can guess who is on the card given clues. 

Here is a free sample of sports in an ABC pattern: football, soccer, and baseball.

Here is a free sample of apples in an AB pattern: red apple and green apple.

You can also upload your own photos on lessonpix. This will allow you to pattern with photos such as students with birthdays in that month or real phots from a field trip or experience. The ideas are yours, and the LessonPix wizard makes it easy.