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When I Am Template

This versatile template is similar to a first-then choice board. It shows a "first" that by default say, "When I am...". The second part "then" says "I can...".  The second part shows up to 9 different pictures. The text can be changed to anything you choose for more options. 

Here is the layout format.....

It doesn't have to say "When I am". Here are some examples for this template...

  • When I am Mad - I can: breathe, punch a pillow, read a book, etc.
  • Before I go to school - I must: brush my teeth, eat breakfast, etc.
  • First homework - Then I can: play outside, build with legos, read a book, etc. 
  • Community Helpers - (leave blank): firefighter, nurse, teacher, police officer, etc.
  • When we go to the Zoo - We will see: gorilla, giraffe, elephant, flamingo....

This template can be used in so may great ways! 


Here is a free sample: 

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