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Drawing Pages Template

The "Drawing Pages" Template provides a drawing space or work space with up to 10 symbols underneath. The symbols allow for text or no text, color backgrounds, box color, and various fonts. There are three styles of drawing pages: "Draw and Pics", "Draw Cut & Glue", and "Draw and Write". Take a look at the different styles and ideas below. 



Draw and Pics Template

The "Draw and Pics" template provides a box with up to 10 symbols underneath. This works well for providing a drawing space with visual strategies for topic cues, behavior reminders, or best practices. Addition Steps Math Page is FREE; no membership required. (Then again - make & print all you want for only $36/year.)



Draw Cut & Glue Template

The "Draw Cut & Glue" template provides up to 10 empty boxes and picture symbols underneath a drawing area. Students may cut out the symbols and glue under their drawing as they choose. 


Draw and Write Template

The "Draw and Write" template provides the row of picture symbols with a writing line. The symbols may be sequence to support the writing topic, sentence structure, behavior strategies, or best practices for drawing / writing.