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Header Image for Trifold Table Tent

Trifold Table Tent

This simple template creates a table-top visual to be used with individuals or group. Symbols display on the front and back in a sequence left to right. This works perfectly for a schedule on an individual's desk or at a work station. Show expectations for a small group or designate a work area. 


The template allows up to 10 symbols and has three styles to choose: 

  • Same pictures on the front and the back (1-10, 1-10)
  • Different pictures on from and back (1-10, 11-20)
  • Up to 10 pictures on front and one picture on the back (1-10, 11)



1. Same on both sides: 

Photos of students may show a group to work on a project. 

Show sensory strategies in a sensory break area. 


2. Different on each side

Place materials on one side and directions on the back. 

Place a schedule on one side and expectations on the other. 


3. List on one side and single picture on the other

Make a desk name card with a schedule on one side and the student photo on back. 

Also use a symbol of a student interest or to show a final product 



Have fun making and using visuals for better learning outcomes!