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Trains - All Aboard for Learning Fun!

Trains are a high interest theme, great for embedded learning objectives. And, LessonPix offers many train-themed templates for learning fun!


Train-themed templates: 


Train Unit


Start with a Spark

Introduce the unit with an interesting component for discussion. This may be an object, video clip, field trip, story, humor, or an experience... Something that makes you go, "hmmm?"

  1. Field trip to a train museum or ride ona  train
  2. Take a virtual ride on a train.



K-W-L is a graphic orgnaizer/ chart to show information related to a topic before, during and at the end of the unit. As we begin our train unit, ask students what they K- know about trains. Then think and discuss about W- what they would like to know. This chart is a working chart throughout the unit and questions may be added along the way. 


Make a KWL chart custom for any unit. Display on an interactive whiteboard or glue symbols on a large chart paper.



Unit Vocabulary

Early in the lesson, introduce theme-related vocabulary that students will come across. Consider vocabulary from train-themed books. Place on a word wall or word chart for easy reference in reading and writing. Add new words as you work through the unit. 

Play with unit vocabulary in activities and center areas. 


Reading Skills

Due to the intrinsic engagement level of the train unit, students can improve reading skills from decoding to comprehension to research to learn more about a topic. Create themed materials to help experimental and conventional readers develop reading skills. 

Can you read these train words? 

Print 2 copies. Can you match the words that are the same? You can even play a game of Go Fish. 



Match these train-themed words with their rhyme. 



Alphabet Knowledge

Build an alphabet train. 


Beginning Sounds

Match with words that begin the same way. 

Say the words that begin with the letter L

Use with articulation activities.



FInd good books to use with this fun theme. Click link for more activities to use with these stories. 

Create your own stories using Books and Stories template. 



Create comprehension and discussion questions for your favorite train stories. 

All Aboard the Dinotrain by Deb Lund

Polar Express by Chris Van Allsburg

Little Engine that Could by Watty Piper



Sequence picture cards into beginning, middle end on this train mat. Use story details, activities, or letters of a word. 




Make stick puppets to show different trains or use characters form a story. 



Write your name on a name train. 

Spell common words with train puzzle. 



Tell your own train story. 


Or make a class book based on a story (The Little Engine Tat Could by Watty Piper)


Dramatic Play

Printand hole punch your own train tickets. 

Paint cardboard boxes to make train that young kids can sit in and role play. 


Train Games

Coal Game: Divide the kids into teams. Give each team a bucket and stand the kids in a line at some distance away have a stack of coal (aluminium foil scrunched into balls). Have each kid take it in turns to run up to the coal, put one piece in the bucket and then run back to his team and another member goes. First team to fill their bucket with all the coals is the winner.

All Aboard: Set some chairs out in a line. Have one person as the train guard and give them a special hat to wear. Have the kids run around the garden or party room and when you blow the whistle they must all rush and sit on a carriage chair without being caught by the train guard.  If they are caught, they also become a train guard and thus on the next round there will be two guards trying to catch the passengers



Use the train theme to teach counting and number sense. 


Try some train math word problems that use detail from the story, The Polar Express, by Chris Van Allsburg



Sensory and Art

Push toy train through paint and make tracks on paper. 

Sensory Strategies to "Bring your engine down"


Fine Motor Skills

Improve cutting skills with train-themed activities. 


Create train-themed Lacing Cards


Most of all, have fun learning and playing together!