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Halloween and Fall Templates

Look for fun teaching materials this fall? Lessonpix has many halloween and fall templates you can use to create fun visuals and activities.

Check out some great ideas!


Find the Picture Templates: Choose target content such as speech words, category theme, or story vocabulary. Student can scan the Halloween scene for their target words.  


Pumpkin Bingo Dauber Templates: Use a bingo dauber, coins, or playdough to mark target words. Students can practice saying  the words for articulation practice or scan to find specific words in a category.  


Pumpkin Schedule Templates: Use this schedule template either as a schedule for tasks or to sequence favorite Halloween stories.  See more Halloween schedule ideas here


Game Board Templates: Use this halloween game board to practice speech words or specific vocabulary. 


Themed Picture Cards Templates: Cut out and hide these pumpkins for a Halloween-themed scavenger hunt of target words. Print two copies to play a pumpkin-themed memory game. 


Themed Mat Templates: Themed Mats have a large themed picture (Pumpkin, tree, net, mitt, etc) with up to 10 pictures on that picture. 



Menus and Lists Templates: Here is a pumpkin frame to surround a list or menu to use in a variety of visuals or lessons. 



Plus - you can add Pumpkin or Halloween pictures to theme any template! Here are some great fall, pumpkin, and halloween ideas!



Have fun making, and more fun playing!