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Summer Fun Ideas with LessonPix

The sky blazes blue and the sun wraps its warm petals across the land. It's summer - a time of swimsuits, watermelon, and a rainbow of flowers. As the kids hit summer camps and families vacation, LessonPix offers visuals and activities to make your summer as smooth as a warm breeze. 

Here are some hot ideas to use this summer with LessonPix.


What to expect this summer

While the kids are out of school, family schedules vary greatly week to week and even day to day. Children feel safe and in control when they know what is happening now and what comes next. 

Create a calendar with activities coming up over the next month. Include photos and holidays. (Learn more about monthly calendars here)


Consider creating a personalized story to go over what to expect this summer: what is happening and when. 


Summer Daily Schedules

With longer days and later bedtimes, children's routines may become relaxed and less structured. Vacationing families adjust to different beds and different stimuli. While these changes promote flexibility and a break from daily life, it helps to discuss these changes with children and let them express their feelings. Make a schedule together that reflects the changes and your expectations, and try to keep as much of the usual routine as possible. 



Family Visits

Summer is a time when families travel and visit extended family in other locations. Kids may stay with grandparents while the parents work. Summer weddings unite families, introducing new relatives and reconnecting old ones.  

Upload photos of family members to use in games and visuals to help both preteach and recall names. 

Try a game of Family Bingo!

Make a deck of playing cards with family photos. Print on scrapbooking cardstock. Try paper with a pattern on one side and white on the back. 

Use the trading cards template to create informational cards about different family members. Glue on back of photographs or print on colored cardstock and laminate. 

Use photographs in many of the fun game templates such as 4 Connect, Dots & Boxes, Tic Tac Toe, Playing Cards, Game Boards, Dominoes, Puzzle Cards, and More!


Make a Writing Station

Create an area in the home where children can access writing materials. Include paper, crayons, pencils, coloring books, notebooks, cards, etc. Use LessonPix to customize writing and coloring sheets. 


Include interest area such as dinosaurs, unicorns or transportation.



Send a Postcard

Whether at home or vacationing away, send a postcard to a friend or family member this summer to brighten their day. You can use the LessonPix Postacard template alone or glue to a photograph. It's super exciting to get a letter in the mail!



Follow Visual Recipes

Create recipes with visuals for fun summer cooking projects. 



Explore Summer Themed Concepts

The Sharing Center offers many fun summer-themed activities to promote language, motor, and social skills. 



Happy Summer!