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Groundhog Day Lesson Ideas


Here are some ideas to celebrate Groundhog Day in an early childhood classroom. Click on the picture for the activity in our sharing center. 

Make sure you check out our new Groundhog Feelings Pictures!  Great for Bingo, Playing Cards, and Memory Games!

Groundhog Feeling Picture

Color Sheets: Here is free sample of a groundhog coloring sheet.


Groundhog Song Book: Print in booklet form 1/2 page or quarter page to make this book smaller. Sing the words to the tune of "Itsy Bitsy Spider". 

Groundhog Art Project: Shrink the groundhog coloring sheet to 2 per page. Have students color and cut our their groundhog. Attach it to a popsicle stick. Them place your popsicle stick with the groundhog on the top in to a disposable cop (styrofoam and paper work best) to become the "home" for the ground. Push the stick through the bottom of the cup and hold the stick from underneath the cup. The students can then move the stick up and down to make the groundhog pop in and out of his hole.    

Groundhog Memory / Matching

Puzzle Card Matching

Find the Groundhogs



Groundhog's Day Off Story

Check out this story article with more activities for Groundhog's Day Fun!


Groundhog Day Songs

Groundhog Day – Dr. Jean
Groundhog Day – Themes & Variations
Groundhog's Day Song – Daria
Groundhog Day Song – Marla Lewis and Les Julian
I'm A Little Groundhog – Kimoobu
Punxsutawney Phil – Linda Brown/Dr. Thomas Moore
Where’s the Groundhog? – Mark Szabo