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Community Helpers

Thematic Unit of Study in Early Childhood

Community helpers is a common thematic unit for early childhood classrooms. As students share and learn about themselves and their classmates, they often expand to look at their school neighborhood and the helpers who work nearby. LessonPix provides a wealth of resources to teach about community and various jobs. 

Name different people in our community and describe what they do. Look at different uniforms people wear. Can you tell what their job is? 


Create class books to teach about different community helpers. 


Make a class book with coloring pages. 

Describe what different jos do. 

Play games that practice naming community helpers. 


Play memory matching using community helpers. 

Places in the community. Go on a field trip to explore a strip mall. Walk along and notice what they sell and uniformas they wear. What are some places in your community? 

Association - match the worker and where they work. 


Answer questions about community helpers






Sorting Mat

How can we help our own community?