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Making Sets of Articulation Cards

School-based SLP's toolbox always includes visuals for articulation practice. These may include minimal pair cards, beginning/ending sounds, visual cues for fluency, plural nouns, verb tense practice, and much more.

BE PREPARED! Make your supply of quick cards using LessonPix Soundfinder tool and the Magic Index Cards Template. Magic Index Cards fit perfectly in the storage boxes designed for index cards, which makes them easy to organize and transport.  (And you can easily e-mail copies for families to practice at home.) 


Here are some samples from our Sharing Center:

Long O Single Syllable Cards - therapeuticthreads

Present progressive cards - therapeuticthreads

Words with /f/ in all positions - Kelley Jewart

-AR cards - therapeuticthreads

It is so fast and easy it is to make your base set of cards. Now you can create custom cards for specific targets as needed, creating an even stronger library. 

You can Print Front and Back cards as well. Here is an example: 

Irregular plural “front” index cards - theresaruth

Irregular plural “back” index cards - theresaruth


Alternative uses include:

Make preposition cards with pic on front and word on back

States and capitals

English and Spanish


FCD or maximal pairs

articulation target sound/combination decks