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Artic Cards & Activities

School-based speech therapists are known for their creative methods of targeted articulation drills. No one converts old board games and preschool toys better. They have to get creative; for how long can a 7 year old really stay attentive to a list of /r/ words? 

Here are some examples of awesome materials shared by our users.....


Use a Bingo Dauber as you say these FL words on a Gingerbread- themed Template. (Made by Kim Metzgar) 

These SK- Words make a good coloring sheet while practicing the sounds. (Made byAstrid Soriano) 

Say each R blend and mark off with tallies. (Made by Katie Millican)

Did you Know?

Lessonpix has a wealth of articulation therapy materials created by users in the Sharing Center.  Here is how you can find ready made materials: 

  1. ​Click the Blue Tab at the top for the Sharing Center.
  2. Look to the Left side for Communication
  3. You can even fliter by specific materials on the left - scroll to Picture Cards. 

  If you want ready-made materials for specific sounds, use the search box. Type "final K" or "r". You'll be amazed at what you can find!