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Story activities for

Sheep in a Jeep

by Nancy Shaw


Kids LOVE this book! It is funny with great illustrations. The predictable text and rhymes promote teaching literacy in a fun, fun way.

Here are some materials to support lessons using this book: 


There is some vocabulary that may be new to students, such as steer, steep, or cheap. Review words before during or after reading together. 



Rhyming Words

This book is all about rhymes! Here are some activities to support lessons on rhyming. 


Check out many of the rhyming songs, such as "Down By The Bay"


Counting Craft

Put the Sheep in the Jeep. 


Phonemic Awareness - Final P

Listen to the ending /p/ sounds in words. How many ending /p/ words can you find in the story? 

Here are other final /p/ activities: 



Phonics and Spelling

Listen for the long /E/ sound in words. How many can you find? Are they spelled the same way? 

Here is a game with the ee/ea spelling in words. 

Here are more  activities with /E/




Draw your favorite part of the story.


Writing /eep/ words

Finish the sentence....